The Company


LDB is a leading company in high quality confectionery and pralinery.

It was founded in 1933 by Dr. Giovanni Tironi and passing through the generations, it is now managed by Costanza Tironi. Immediately established as an innovative company, it is currently present in over 100 countries worldwide with an increasing assortmentof products ranging from the traditional wedding confetti to the finest pralines and sweet specialties made with chocolate or sugar.

Having expanded into so many heterogeneous markets, LDB is an open minded company focusing on research and innovation and relying on high quality as one of its distinguishing features. The needs of every customer are a challenge to be solved and every product has its own market positioning and organoleptic characteristics that must remain unchanged from production up to final consumer.

Finest quality is the absolute value that should remain unchanged from production up to end user.
This means that the company approach every customer as a partner and try to find with him an appropriate solution and products meeting his needs.


LDB has a strong recognized presence and is a reference point in this field. In addition to producing its own brands and private labels for third parties, thanks to its know-how, it has partnered with the leading companies in the industry. 

Internal laboratory analysis, constant research and dynamic innovation, modern facilities and highly qualified staff enable LDB to develop products with high quality and innovative content: that’s why LDB is the only company in this field that obtained manufacture patents.

It’s a company where passion for excellence, care and craftsmanship are instrumental to each production as a guarantee of top quality. 

It is with pride that Costanza Tironi together with all her LDB staff says: 

“Quality is the most prestigious result of our company.”