Celiac disease

Once thought rare, intolerance to gluten is a disease that in recent years has had a significant spread. Scientific studies have not yet demonstrated whether it is a result of the modification of food or perhaps of excessive refining or of the increasingly massive use of herbicides, pesticides or of environmental pollution, or if it is a recognition of the disease which already existed. Thanks to more accurate medical investigation techniques, it can now be diagnosed more easily. Therefore the number of people who are currently intolerant to gluten has increased exponentially.

Since the end of the Nineties, well ahead of its time, we have dealt with this problem.

In fact we were the first company to be certified , through the inclusion in the AIC (Italian Celiac Association) handbook as producers of gluten-free sweets and products. This is also thanks to the high standards of hygiene and sanitary control of our entire production process, and to the use of excellent quality raw materials from suppliers who apply sanitary controls required by us for certifications .

Being the first led us to be the company that currently boasts the widest range of certified gluten-free products included in the AIC handbook. This makes us proud to give a more complete and updated service to our Customers .

You can find the list of our certified products on page 171 of the AIC handbook in the 2014 edition.

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